Miyajima Spirit Energy

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About This Piece

One of the most spiritual places I first visited in Hiroshima Japan, was Miyajima Island. Itsukushima Shrine was first built in the latter half of the sixth centry. It was remodelled into the present beautiful structure by Taira-no-kiyomori in 1168. Standing in the sea, it is widely known for its grand and unique construction. About 200 meters in front of the main shrine and standing in the sea is the vermillion coloured O- Torii ( Grand Gate ) which is the most noted symbol of Miyajima. This was my my first sighting  of O- torii that inspired me to capture the spirit energy of Miyajima. The painting is the artist’s interpretation of the 4 spirits - Shadow Spirit, Dream Spirit, Yowie Spirit and Animal Spirit.

This is my gift to Miyajima…………….What is your gift ?